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1/100 photos of matt smith

1/100 photos of matt smith

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"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future."

- Neils Bohr

"Anything seems commonplace, once explained."

- Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes
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best exit in television history

#Doctor Man Hoe

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Rarely giffed Amy Pond vol. 2 (requested by hermiornegranger)

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The Doctor on “The Bells Of Saint John”

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If there’s an Einstein-Rosen bridge, then there’s something on the other side. And advanced beings could have crossed it!

#this was such an important scene for me#a scientist acnkowledging that magic is as real and valid as science#it’s just a matter of understand how it works#if you want to know why i love jane foster here’s a big reason#she believes#she doesn’t dismiss magic as ridiculous or made-up or nonsense#she believes it exists and she just needs to learn how it works#it’s amazing that she is so open to any possibility as long as she understands how it functions#i love jane foster so much#she matters so much (tags via dammit-mcu)

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Ansel Elgort of the film ‘Men, Women & Children’ speaks during the International ‘Conversation’ Session at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (September 7, 2014).

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